Finally unpacked everything...it is magnificent!

-Dave R.
F1 Rocket

I must say everything looks great! Your providing the complete aircraft wiring harness too is going to save me a lot of time.

-Russ T.

Just wanted to thank you for the GREAT panel you made for my Lancair 360. Everybody that has seen your panel falls in love with the great quality and great equipment we used. Can't wait to fly this bird. We have had it working and everthing seems to be doing great!! If anyboby wants to talk to me about your work, feel free to give them my information.

--Roger H.
Brighton, CO

The more I study my new panel, the more impressed I am with the superb workmanship and attention to detail. If any of your prospective clients would like to speak to a satisfied customer, you are free to give them my phone number and e-mail address.

--David M.
Roanoke, VA


Hello Ron,
Here are a couple of pictures of my panel built by David Buckwalter. I designed and speced out the panel with some input from David and then he buoght most of the hardware.
David will work with you to the extent that you desire. He has a knack for offering his extensive experience, yet at the same time letting the plane builder put his own individual stamp on the panel. He has built panels for people from all over the country so don't be put off by the distance.
-p.s. One very pleasant surprise that I some how didn't pick up on during our planning discussions was that the panel wiring was not to terminate with two pinned circular plastic connectors, but beyond those connectors and properly labeled wiring for the entire airplane! I was delighted-all I had to do was route, cut off, terminate, or extend as needed to finish the wiring job.

-Owen B.
Fairfax, VA

Dave Buckwalter or Avionics Systems built my 360 panel and like Clark B. I couldn't be more pleased with his work. He is flexible, very knowledgeable and respected amoung his peers. His delivery is on time, although all panel shops run into delays when you want the newest avionics and they are not yet being shipped. Dave has been established long enough to get on the first-to-get-list. His prices are competitive. His post installation support is also excellent. If you are in the Virginia area I would be happy to fly over and let you have a look.

-Hollis H.
Herndon, VA

The panel arrived yesterday and it's beautiful.

-Bob H.
Hiton Head, SC

The dual all electric panel that you built for my GlaStar is still the best I have seen, and has served me well these past 3 years. I especially appreciate all the information and assistance after the
Now that I have started on my Lancair ES-P (pressurized
260kt/300mph at FL 240)
I look forward to your doing it again.

-Robert S.
Columbus, OH
GlaStar N161GS, Lancair N301ES

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