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Advanced Flightsystems ADS-B interface
By now most pilots have heard of ADS-B, the system that will eventually replace ground-based radar as the primary method of controlling air traffic. Another important feature of ADS-B is that it provides in-flight traffic and weather data to cockpit displays. This new technology relies on an array of ground-based transmitters throughout the US, and while complete coverage does not yet exist, the FAA expects the entire national airspace will be covered by 2013.
Garmin G3X

Garmin G3x
Now, all the capabilities you want in a true “glass cockpit” are brought together in Garmin’s new G3X Electronic Flight Instrumentation System. Designed specifically for experimental/kitplane and light sport (LSA) panels, this affordable non-TSO’d combo lets you grow your system as your needs and budget dictate.

The easy-to-install suite is built around Garmin’s GDU 370/375 series panel-mount multifunction display (MFD) unit with built-in GPS and big 7-inch high-definition WVGA screen. When interfaced with a remote GSU 73 sensor unit, the G3X can also provide full primary flight display (PFD) attitude/directional guidance, along with electronic engine gauges and other system enhancements.
Garmin G3X