Frequently Asked Questions

I know nothing about wiring or electricity, how can your products help?
We do all the complex wiring, interfacing, soldering, and testing in our shop. The wiring is then clearly labeled and packaged so anyone regardless of skill level, can complete the avionics installation.
What do you provide with a complete instrument panel?
A complete panel arrives to you ready to mount in the aircraft. All radios and instruments are installed, wired, plumbed, and tested. You simply run the supplied wiring through the aircraft, and follow the supplied instructions to complete the installation.
I want to do some of the panel work myself, but don`t want to mess with the wiring, can you help?
Yes! We can provide just the wiring harnesses, and you do the actual cutting, drilling, and finishing of the panel.
Why are there no prices listed for your products?
Many of the products and services we provide are custom-tailored to each customer and aircraft. We will gladly provide a free, no-obligation price quote and information on any of our products or services.
I have already purchased some equipment, and need to buy some more, can you help?
Yes, we will work with equipment you already have, and can provide any equipment you like at competitive prices.
Can you provide references?
Yes. We take great pride in our products, and stay in touch with our past customers to ensure they are fully satisfied. As a result, we have builders you may contact directly about their experience with Avionics Systems. We probably can put you in contact with someone who is building the same model airplane you are.